About Us

  • Our Business

    SpazzyCatDesign's business is centered around creativity and customer satisfaction, with a focus on creating and selling sublimation tumblers. We offer a variety of designs catering to different tastes and occasions, including the ability to customize tumblers with personal photos or chosen designs. Our commitment to our craft is evident in our mission to see happy customers and continued growth of our company.

  • Our Family

    We are a family-owned and newly established business that embarked on the journey of opening an online store after years of contemplation. The company is spearheaded by Kim, who serves as the owner and designer, while Bryan takes on the roles of IT administrator and cybersecurity director.

  • Our Mission

    Unleashing creativity with a whisker of whimsy, we are dedicated to crafting distinctive designs that celebrate individuality and spark joy in every stroke. Our mission is to deliver purr-fectly tailored design solutions that resonate with our clients’ visions, ensuring every project lands on its feet with style and grace.

Word from the Owners

Hello. We hope you enjoy our site and our tumblers. Thank you for checking us out. We want you as customers and would love to have you return again and again. Thank you!